SDSU 20, UNLV 17

Posted: October 29, 2019 in Uncategorized

Luck does not begin to describe what happened.  The game was screaming overtime as the Aztecs stumbled through the fourth quarter.  The UNLV kicker bonks a gimme that would have tied the game.  Whew.

Our offense is anemic, sickly and without effect.  13 points scored the entire game.  If Tariq Thompson does not block the UNLV punt in the end zone, we lose.  Boo.  Ryan Agnew’s line of 14/23/185 had all the impact of a fart on the beach.  Strangely, Juwan Washington, Kaegun Williams and Chase Jasmin all averaged at least 5 yards per carry.  But, much like a fart on the beach . . .

Brandon Heicklen was, again, masterful.  6 punts averaged 43.7 yards.  4 of the 6 were inside the 20.  3 of those were downed at the 10 (twice) and 6.  Perhaps I have stumbled across our offensive strategy:  Run time off the clock, nail a good punt and assume the Aztec defense keeps the opponent out of the end zone.

Is Jeff Horton the reason why we don’t score?  Is the offensive line the reason?  How about one dumb ass penalty after another during what should have been a drive into the end zone?  You tell me.  The defense cannot continue this season of magic without contribution from the offense.  Winning by 7 or less will run out of gas unless the Aztec offense can put points on the board each and every quarter.  7 here, 10 there, 13 to surprise, another 7 just for fun.  A guy can dream, can’t he?

7-1/4-1 with an AP rating of 25.

Go, Aztecs.




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