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SDSU Football, 2020: Update

Posted: September 20, 2020 in Uncategorized
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We have movement. North. A joke. C’mon.

Several items to address. First, the demolition of the Murph/Q/SDCCU stadium sooner rather than later is a benefit given the late start to the entire SDSU Mission Valley project. April, 2020 was the original escrow closing date. The reality of San Diego real estate development pushed that date to early August, 2020. Precious time was lost. Removing thousands of tons of concrete demands no delay. Yet, here we stand. Working around the circular monster of the stadium would have created a difficult work space for all contractors involved. Removing said beast creates a literal and physical open area for bulldozers, backhoes, trucks, cranes and the rest to move in a direct line rather than the “oops, pardon me, excuse me” routine of running north and south of the stadium.

The choice of Carson and Dignity Health Sports Park was the nearest suitable facility available. Let me quickly disperse the idiots who claim this choice to be anything but logical. The Aztecs are not the Chargers. Drop that analogy/comparison. ’tis nonsense. Cal State campuses do not move. Cal State universities are California tax funded (somewhat) entities rooted in legislative law. Comparing SDSU with an NFL franchise indicates that the moron making the argument may as well compare a mom and pop taco stand with Taco Bell. Continuing withe idea that remaining somewhere, or anywhere, in San Diego offers a better outcome than 100 miles north. Where? Name the juco football stadium that matches the physical display of a professional soccer and part-time football stadium? You mention the USD football stadium? USD offers a competing football calendar. Plus, I do not recall any kind offer made. Consider the reality that during this time of C-19, butts in the seats are a non-starter. If you do not believe me, turn on the tube and watch MLB, NBA, NHL or NFL. Hmm. Cardboard cutouts. Large stuffed animals. The occasional human. Yep, that’s the crowd. Assume SDCCU stands. Who sits in the upper deck? A toughie. Um, nobody. The remaining two decks seat and separate those willing to attend Aztec home games. We averaged 29,000 +/- attendance in 2019. Cut that by half or more. At best. Spread 14,500 people in the cave. C-CBS and ESPN will not be impressed. Do note that 14,500 fans is a best case, thus unlikely, result. Dignity Health Care Park has a maximum occupancy of 27,000, which offers plenty of room for the Aztec faithful allowed and/or willing to attend a football game during a pandemic. The curious and bored of greater Los Angeles can drop by, watch the game and enjoy a scoreboard worthy of a division one football team rather than a scoreboard that offers home/visitor and time remaining with a few burned out light bulbs. Moths not included.

Money. Yes, SDSU saves a bundle. Do compare the cost of busing north 100 miles a maximum of five trips (ten if we play consecutive seasons) with an annual minimum bill of $5 million dollars (the city of San Diego averaged a million a month) for the upkeep of SDCCU. Who wants the chance of crumbling concrete to fall during a game (or at anytime)? The escalator malfunctions during a game. Can you hear the bitching and moaning from the same crowd bitching and moaning about the move to Carson? The lights blew out a few years ago during game time. Embarrassing. You want to roll the dice on a crumbling interior infrastructure, again? Moving to Carson for one year avoids all the aforementioned.

Speaking of one year, the bleaters need to let that calendar rest for a moment. Maybe an hour. Some people are slow. What exactly do Aztec fans miss? Refer to the seating scenario above. How many Aztec fans scoot home at halftime. A great many. Given the pandemic, I dare to count the number of Aztec fans who will not board the trolley to travel to the stadium. If two “seasons” of football are played inside twelve months at a non-San Diego location, what weight does that carry? The fact that we can possibly play football is enough satisfaction. Until the new stadium is complete, anywhere makes a fine short-term rental (without the 24/7 party).

Do remember, the new stadium (speaking in strictly football terms) is the goal. Placing any obstacle in the way of constructing the stadium and all associated with said construction is puzzling at best and obviously halfwitted. Getting the hell out of the way is the best choice. The end result is a stadium that media and fans will rave about. Best stadium on the West Coast. Best stadium you will not find in the PAC-12. SDSU will be the shining site star of college football. Imagine the development in sudden consideration of San Diego county and southern California kids who would otherwise refuse the Aztec coaching staff. Long term is the best outlook.

Finally, during the Brady Hoke media meet, I heard somebody by the name of Mark ask Mr. Hoke about the players becoming “political pawns” in the decision not to play football as scheduled. I’m guessing Mark is Mark Zeigler of the Tribune. Mr. Zeigler needs to keep his politics out of SDSU football. Coloring a health and financial decision as a politically based demon is the thought of an oaf with too much time on his hands who views conspiracy websites with increasing frequency. Do shut up, Mr. Zeigler.

As always, go Aztecs.