SDSU 27, SJSU 17

Posted: October 22, 2019 in Uncategorized

Kaegun Williams returning the opening kick off for a touchdown was a nice start.  Been awhile.  A few cuts here and there, and, as Uncle Teddy exclaimed in the radio booth, “He’s gone!”  Amen.

The running game returned.  Or at least flashed life now and then.  Juwan Washington averaged 4.7 per carry, Chase Jasmin 11.7 (sure, the 50 yard run is the definition of inflated stats) and Chance Bell 5.6.  Game’s end the Aztec running game left with 260 yards.  As a point of proof, ten (!) running plays highlighted the drive that put Juwan Washington in the end zone for a 20-10 lead in the third quarter.  Not bad.

Ryan Agnew was serviceable:  13/20 without a td or interception.  All for 88 yards, though.  Not exactly stretching the defense.

The pisser was our insistence on shooting ourselves in the foot, hand and butt the entire night via dumb ass penalties.  The grand total was 12 flags for 85 yards, thus negating Mr. Agnew’s completed tosses.  The false starts and unsportsman like conduct calls must end.  Pay attention to the snap count and don’t take out your bad day on the opposition.  Thank you.

Brandon Heicklen was his usual stud self.  Just another night at the office featuring 5 punts for an average of 45.8 yards.  His two fourth quarter punts rolled to the Spartan 1 yard line.  Touche!

The Aztec offense posted the strange stat of 40:22 with the ball, yet scored only 27 points. I wonder if a 35+ point game is within our reach or are we cursed with sub 30 point games?  Do tell.

Oh, yeah.  The Aztec defense was brilliant, yet again.  Yawn.  The Spartan offense checked out with only 272 yards of offense.  Their much ballyhooed passing game was snuffed at 218 total yards.  2 of their 15 first downs were via Aztec penalties.

6-1/3-1.  Pick a bowl, any bowl.

Go, Aztecs.



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