Nevada 17, SDSU 13

Posted: November 11, 2019 in Uncategorized

Taking a week off is bad voodoo for a team that cannot score points.  Bad becomes worse.  Unattractive becomes butt ugly.


The Aztec offense cannot score points.  Granted, 309 total yards is a snore fest, but compared to Nevada’s 226 total yards, this game should have been an old fashioned ass kicking rather than I-can’t-believe-we-lost-to-these-guys loss.

How many d-1 teams lose when they give up 17 points?  We do.  How about allowing the Wolfpack 29 total rushing yards (1.0 per carry)?  We lose.  They were 2/12 on third downs.  They had 12 first downs the entire game.  Yet, we lose.

Our offense is awful.  Our running game was elsewhere.  Perhaps face down in Mission Beach.  10 Aztecs had at least one catch.  Nobody scored.  Ryan Agnew was 18/35/196, which equates to not quite 11 yards per catch.  Barely a first down.  At this point, I’m advocating for the appearance of Carson Baker.  He cannot be more ineffective than Mr. Agnew.  Hell, I can’t be more ineffective than Mr. Agnew.

And now for the stupidity.  Trenton Thompson is tossed in the second quarter for targeting.  Great.  Our collective inability to control our emotion results in 9 flags for 79 backward yards.  Lovely.

Without Matt Araiza and Brandon Heicklen, we have zero impact for the entire game.

All I can say is, find the end zone.  Dare to cross the goal line with football in hand.  Amazing results will follow.


Go, Aztecs.



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