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SDSU, PAC-12 and Big-12

Posted: February 12, 2023 in Uncategorized

A lot to consider especially with conference expansion continuing another wave of creative destruction/construction which could last well into 2023.

First, concerning the P-12’s negotiations with whomever (depends on the date) seem to have morphed since the November, 2022 claim of sending a “robust proposal” to ESPN and Amazon. Evidently, both companies yawned. Since this piece of seemingly imminent news, nothing has yet to develop with the P-12’s broadcast negotiations . . . with any media company. Fox, also during the month of November last year, reportedly was “sticking around” not wanting to miss out on 7:00 p.m. Saturday West coast football. Yet, here we sit with no P-12 renewal news or news of a new broadcast partner (streaming included) as of the date of my typing (2/12/23). In fact, one expansion maven referred to the P-12 as a “distressed brand” as recently as February 2, 2023. Distressed bands do not inspire confidence nor reflect positions of negotiating strength.

Scenarios galore surround the P-12 schools Arizona, Arizona State, Utah and Colorado joining the B-12. Given the tenuous (I’m being polite) nature of the P-12 negotiations, why the B-12 has not offered the aforementioned four P-12 schools is puzzling. The news of USC and UCLA joining the Big-10 was announced on August 2, 2022. Six months have passed. If the B-12 was serious about adding or offering four more schools, the bell has long been silent. Any two, forget four, schools that leave the P-12 signals the likely disintegration of the conference. Power Two (SEC and B-10) plus Two (B-12 and P-12) football is a billion dollar industry full of competition. Why would the B-12 wait to eliminate a business rival with a well timed invitation to current competitors? I am flummoxed.

On January27, 2023, SDSU athletic director, J.D. Wicker, sounded the call for a P-12 invitation while also suggesting a B-12 offer may be in the making. Obviously, Mr. Wicker is a man impatiently waiting on interest to mature. I believe he is also tapping his foot. The miracle moon shot would be an offer to the Aztecs from the B-12. Even though I mentioned the possibility of only two teams joining the B-12, if SDSU is offered then they (we) must be one of four in total. Running various scenarios involving media market size, local population/regional population, geographic location, stadium size, potential bowl game and success of men’s basketball, the Aztecs joining a combination of any of the following resulting in a total of four to the B-12: UNLV (don’t laugh. If Brett Yormark embraces his statement “The Big-12 is open for business” then he understands the idea of long-term investment) and the aforementioned Arizona schools along with Utah and Colorado.

I find dubious the published news as of February, 2023 that SMU is suddenly on the P-12 radar. SMU plays in a stadium smaller than Snapdragon. Glancing at their most recent ten-year won-loss record does not compare to the Aztecs over the same time period. However, the Mustang’s men’s basketball has largely been successful the last decade. Plus, the Dallas TV market is #5 nationally. Most impressive. Yet, I doubt, other than a SMU fan, anybody in Dallas finger punching the remote to switch from a UT football game to watch the Mustangs.

I again offer the idea of investing in Las Vegas (is this the line Bugsy Siegel used to convince his mob investors?) along with SDSU. In addition to owning the Nevada media market (sorry, Reno), a sizable football stadium (65,000 seats) and a very attractive bowl destination is part of any UNLV invite/acceptance.

Returning to P-12 contract negotiations and recent history, the P-12 is better served by expanding now, followed by negotiating with whomever. Certainly, a place and demand exists for 7:00 p.m. football (the fourth window of Saturday college football viewing) along with the occasional start times prior to the early evening. American football fans have a seemingly insatiable appetite for the college brand. The more George Kliavkoff delays, wonders and pauses about expansion the more unlikely a substantial increase in contract value. Consider the media attractiveness of Corvallis, OR and Pullman, WA in comparison to San Diego, Las Vegas and/or Dallas. Do you prefer a wilted flower to a bed or roses?

Now that the B-12 has granted Oklahoma and Texas an early exit to the tune of $100 million (with a portion bound for Fox to cover never to be broadcast 2023 Longhorn and Sooner football games), the time for further B-12 expansion seems well-timed. Certainly a portion of the non-Fox bound funds can be used to allure a candidate who may not be able to participate fully in the current B-12 media contract. Perhaps ESPN and Fox might consider an addendum to the recently contractual agreement resulting in close to a full share for the next wave of B-12 members? Happens everyday in the land of finance and business.

My hope for San Diego State University is the mildly unlikely B-12 invite. An accepted P-12 invite should include SDSU acknowledging and anticipating the possibility of ultimately belonging to a different group of member schools as compared to the current group to date as 2023 unfolds.


Brady Hoke has a lot to repair for 2023.

Most college football mavens point to our loss of defensive starters. Important? Sure.

More important on behalf of Mr. Hoke is to dismiss Jeff Horton as offensive coordinator and running backs coach. Mr. Horton must retire or find work elsewhere. The Aztec running game has been miserable the last two years. Anemic run production is now the name of our once effective “pound and ground”. More like “trip and fall” in 2021 and 2022. May I suggest moving Donnel Pumphrey, currently a graduate assistant, into the role of coaching running backs? Well, I did.

Next, name Ryan Lindley the offensive coordinator. He did a fine job coaching Jalen Mayden. Mr. Lindley had staggering (in a good way) offensive numbers as the Aztec starting quarterback from 2008 to 2011: 12,690 passing yards coupled with 90 touchdowns. Certainly, Mr. Lindley can translate his past success and experience into a productive and creative offensive coordinator.

Next on my coaching list is offensive line coach Mike Goff. Mr. Goff’s group were often the reason why drives stalled or were completely eliminated via poor behavior. Too many false starts. Too many unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. Mr. Goff needs to impress upon his starting five the simple command of “Don’t move until the ball is snapped!”. I acknowledge Mr. Goff’s first year on staff was 2022. However, he must improve the offensive line’s performance in 2023 . . . or else he will incur my wrath.

As for rest of the coaching staff, I trust everybody stays. Of course, SDSU usually suffers from coach poaching during the month of January following the season’s conclusion. Hopefully, 2023 proves an exception.

The 2023 recruiting class (I give the group a “B”) will be augmented by a handful of transfer portal signings. Give me two offensive linemen, two defensive linemen and a running back to join the already signed Raphael Williams (wide receiver) and Cody Moon (linebacker).

Snapdragon stadium in all its newness requires an offense that can score and score often on a regular basis. Kurt Mattix’s defense needs a reliable partner in keeping us close as the game wears on. Surely, Mr. Hoke wants to avoid a “hot seat” listing as the 2023 season unfolds. Snapdragon ticket holders want to watch winning football, not 7 wins and 6 losses football. Boring.

Happy 2023.

Go Aztecs.


A disappointing Hawaii Bowl loss caps a disappointing year.

I have nothing else to add with this post except for “wait until next year”.


Air Force 13, SDSU 3

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The offensive line returned to pre-MWC form: Plenty of false starts. Five to be exact. If you wonder, “Is anytime a good time for a false start?”, the answer is no. Drive killers, long run snuffers and completed passes reconsidered. All the false starts derailed momentum.

Next, negative one. No, not I’m passing judgement on the emotional character of your friend who bitches about taxes, weather, traffic and parking. Rather negative one was the Aztec total rushing yardage as the game ended. We ran backwards.

Jaylen Mayden was an ineffective 16/31/188 with 2 interceptions (both in the end zone during the fourth quarter). Sleep walking while quarterbacking at best. Between Mr. Mayden and the running (cough) game, we totaled 187 yards. Yep, let’s see, 188 – 1 = 187. Thus our evening and result.

How many teams hold Air Force to 285 total yards and lose? We do.

How many teams allow 14 total yards passing and lose? We do.

How many opponents offer a lousy 36.2 yards per punt, yet the receiving team does nothing? That would be us.

0-10 was . . . ? SDSU on third down.

20:47 was . . . ? The Aztecs time of possession (meaning Air Force had the ball :47 shy of 40 minutes).

All the above on senior night to add insult to injury.

The good news, we travel to Hawaii for a bowl game.

Wait ’til next year.

Go Aztecs.


Aztecs 43, Spartans 27

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Another “oh, no” start. 14-0 San Jose State early in the first quarter.

But, wait!

Jordan Byrd returns a Spartan kick for 95 yards. The Snapdragon crowd goes crazy. The Aztec offense finds life. A shot of naloxone, if you will.

Jalen Mayden offered an evening finish with 17/22/268 and 3 tds. Read the line again: 17/22 (including 7/7 in the second half) Only 5 incomplete passes. Impressive. Kenan Christon flashed for 28 yards on 5 attempts (5.6 ypc. Hey, I desperately try to find something positive about our running game. Don’t roll your eyes at me). Tyrell Shaver (4/111), Mekhi Shaw (5/64) and Jesse Matthews (4/57) each caught a touchdown pass. Jaylon Armstead, playing injured, ran for the other Aztec td.

The Aztec defense was once again stout. The boys held the Spartan offense to 28 total yards rushing, 195 yards passing for a total of 223 yards. Yeah, I know, giving up 27 points was at least 13 too many, but those additional 13 points were granted late in the third quarter and again in the fourth quarter. Who cares?

45 lost yards via superb Aztec tackling coupled with 5 sacks (3 by Jonah Tavai) was a refreshing result which is never, ever boring. Dallas Branch’s interception was a moment of inclusion on behalf of the back five. At game’s end, Mr. Tavai decided to sack the SJSU qb in the end zone. Evidently, Mr. Tavai had a spare moment.

Go Aztecs.


SDSU 14, UNLV 10

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Dallas Branch and Dez Malone each intercept a pass in the end zone. Two UNLV tds evaporate. Whew.

The Aztec defense was stout. 26 yards via tackles for loss, 3 sacks and the above mentioned 2 picks. Also consider, UNLV did not score during the first half. Dare I say, defensive coordinator Kurt Mattix has the attention of his 3-3-5 practioners.

As for the Aztec offense, oy vey. A poor oy vey.

The running game has all but disappeared. Without the return of Jaylon Armtsead, we would have registered 76 yards rushing. For the entire game. Thankfully, Mr. Armstead almost single handedly took the fourth quarter clock from 5:41 to quadruple zeroes by rushing for 56 yards on 6 carries (9.3 ypc!) and creating 3 first downs to cheer on the game clock.

Jalen Mayden was a serviceable, yet still light years better than Mr. Burmeister, 19/31/216 and 2 tds. On his behalf, getting sacked 5 times cannot stand. There’s a joke in there somewhere. Anyway, the offensive line needs to buy Mr. Mayden another couple of seconds. I will point out the o-line receiving only 2 penalties for 15 yards was dramatic improvement compared to any other game this season.

14 points and 4/14 on third down is a meager result for holding the ball 34 minutes. To repeat, a poor oy vey.

Also not helpful was Jack Browning missing his only two field goal attempts. Perhaps he is human.

Go Aztecs.


Two games in one. Only one mattered.

Yes, we played a fine first half (21-10). The Aztec defense sacked Jake Haener four times. The Aztec defense corralled Jordan Mims to the point of complete irrelevance. Hard to do given the fact he was a one-man wrecking crew against us in 2021. Fresno at the end of the first half sported 13 total yards rushing, 137 yards passing (150 total yards). The Aztec quarterback Jaden Mayden passed for 78 more yards than the entire output of Fresno State in the first two quarters.

However, we froze in the second half.

Mr. Mayden’s second half passing numbers totaled a disappointing 63 yards. Three first half Aztec scores melted to one in the third quarter and zero, zilch, nada in the final quarter. Pain.

The Aztec defense suddenly found Mr. Haener to be a mystery unsolvable as he finished the game 34/45/394 and 3 tds. The boys continued to hold Mr. Mims to account, but the flying football undid us.

Candidly, any SDSU defense that surrenders 32 points makes the case for woefully unprepared for four quarters of football. Especially the back five who gave two Fresno wide receivers a total of 20 receptions for 269 yards and 3 tds. Yep. Sad, yet true.

Returning to the SDSU offense, the running game continues to border on ineffective and dances close to why-bother? 4.2 yards per carry is the stuff of stale. Remove Mr. Mayden’s 43 yards of scampering, and the Aztec running backs fall far below the pale 4.2 ypc.

Imagine posting 449 yards of total offense, 6/13 on third down and 2/3 on fourth down, then wondering, “How the hell did we lose?” Indeed.

My thoughts exactly.

Go Aztecs.


The Aztec defense arrived with a vengeance. The Nevada starting qb was 2/8/11 before sitting down for the remainder of the game. The vaunted Wolf Pack running game finished with 35 yards rushing. The Aztec back eight kept the Nevada passing game below 200 yards (192). Nevada was an awful 3/14 on third down and had the ball for only 25:43. A mere touchdown on blown coverage was the lone Nevada score. Jonah Tavai sacked Nevada qb’s twice. Michael Shawcroft once.

As for the Aztec offense, well, once again mostly missing in action via six false start penalties. Plain old dumb. Hold your water boys. Game seven should (dangerous word) feature an almost flawless offensive line regarding self-inflicted wounds.

As usual, Jack Browning’s foot rode to the rescue. 3/3 and 9 points which should have been no attempts and no points, however the SDSU offense flamed out repeatedly inside the 20.

Jalen Mayden’s 12/25/156 was scattered about to seven different receivers. A step back from his Hawaii line score. One offensive td versus Hawaii was sadly replicated against Nevada. Remove Patrick McMorris’ scamper to the end zone with a Nevada fumble, the final score turns disappointingly tense at 16-7.

Chance Bell was the shining light of an otherwise dim running back performance averaging 4.6 ypc. Jordan Byrd and Cam Davis were 3.1 and 3.0 ypc. Yawn.

How I long for an Aztec game with more kickoffs than punts. Maybe someday.

Go Aztecs



Nail biter! I can’t believe this is happening! Hawaii scored?! No!!!

Yet, we won. By two. With seven seconds remaining.

Jalen Mayden was as I advertised . . . last year. Me. I said (wrote) so. He is the guy. He was cool, calm, composed, crafty, cagey and cerebral. Offensive coordinator Jeff Horton made enough minor tweaks to route running to allow Mr. Mayden to hit the jersey numbers of his receivers time and again. None of the former throwing to sidelines with a ten percent chance of a reception, thank you very much.

Tyrell Shavers (8/149) , Jesse Matthews (6/68), Brionne Penny (4/54) and Mekhi Shaw (4/28) had a spectcular evening featuring well timed and much needed catches. If the above numbers can be duplicated the remaining six MWC games, the future is bright.

Chance Bell was the only effective running back (7/53) which was disappointing and surprising. Kenan Christon has been a mere blip to date. Jordan Byrd had an off night while Jaylon Armstead continued to nurse an unspecified injury. Cam Davis ran backwards for a three yard error.

Returning to Mr. Mayden, an evening composed of 24/36/322 and no interceptions was exceptional. I believe Braxton Burmeister officially has competition. Thank goodness.

The Aztec defense was meh. They allowed Hawaii 6.1 yards per carry, yet completions averaged less than 10 yards, however those two numbers averaged 5.9 yards per play. Boo. But wait. Hawaii was a poor 3/10 on third downs. Yet the SDSU defense created only 11 yards lost. Meh.

Jack Browning was 3/4 from the grass. He missed a 31 yard attempt with less than five minutes remaining, but hit the one that won the game. Human after all.

Go Aztecs.


By all accounts, a nice guy.

However, Mr. Hecklinski’s idea of a quality offensive possession was equivalent to two runs, one pass and a booming punt. A stale result by any measure.

The Aztec offense scored eight touchdowns (five rushing, three passing) in the first five games of the season. Math heads know 56/5 is a weeping 11 points per game. I was kind and included the extra point. Cumulative total offense per play averaged only 4.4 yards. Yes, passing included.

Mr. Hecklinski developed a self-destructive passion for running on third down. This fatal flaw was on full display during the Boise game when he repeatedly called for runs on long third downs to seemingly set up a quality punt to pin Boise as deep as possible on their half of the field. A strategy much appreciated by defensive coordinator Kurt Mattix, but not so much by Aztec faithful . . . and Brady Hoke.

I dismiss the argument that he did not develop quarterbacks. He never had much of a quarterback to develop. Carson Baker (2020) had a lot of quit in him. Jordon Brookshire (2021, 2020) and Lucas Johnson (2021, 2020) were inconsistent on a good day. Will Haskell decided (2022, 2021) he was the man without notifying the coaching staff (though pulling Mr. Haskell after one offensive series against Utah was extreme. And another sign of a lack of self-confidence on Mr. Hecklinski’s part). As for this year, the seven of you who read my posts know my thoughts and feelings about Braxton “Happy Feet and I’m Injured, Again” Burmeister.

Jeff Horton is once again the offensive coordinator (he was Rocky Long’s long time o.c.). Don’t assume the inclusion of Ryan Lindley as quarterbacks coach will ignite a pass happy offense. On the contrary, Mr. Horton loves to run the football. Ask Donnel Pumphrey, Rashaad Penny and Ronnie Hillman. I expect more of a mix of quick passes of the seven to ten yard variety (and not so much towards the sidelines which was another point of ill-preference from Mr. Hecklinski resulting in incomplete passes flying over sideline coaching staffs) along with run, run, run. Will the Aztec offense blossom and average 30+ points per game? Of course not. But, we will have a functioning offense that provides hope in close games.

Go Aztecs.