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Reviewing a 12-2 finish coupled with a national ranking of 25th should not be cause for improvement, yet here I am.

Thank you to Lucas Johnson for salvaging the quarterback position. Jordon Brookshire was a train wreck of inconsistency. Mr. Johnson, certainly no role model of consistency himself, at least delivered during key moments of 2021. Their collective total of 16 passing tds averaged 1.1 per game. Yawn. However, all average things must end. These two will journey well elsewhere. Brady Hoke hopes to land a transfer quarterback to enhance competition between Jalen Mayden and Will Haskell for 2022. I trust Brady will seek a qb with pass first in mind. Pass way down field.

Speaking of elsewhere, time for Jeff Hecklinski to release the entire 2021 backfield. Greg Bell (overrated. He failed to deliver the anticipated yards), Chance Bell, Jordan Byrd and Kaegun Williams will be better served in a town not called San Diego. Their individual and collective result was minimal. I long for the days of a break away running back. Turn the corner and whoosh. Maybe someday.

The 2021 Aztec defense was laudable. The boys gave up a manageable 324 yards per game. An impressive 7 rushing tds were allowed along with a meager 2.7 yards per rush. 32% of third down conversions for opponents provides a measure for 2022 defensive success. So does 41 sacks for 258 yards. May Kurt Mattix remain the SDSU defensive coordinator for a long time.

Via the transfer portal, I hope for a mix of o-line, d-line, running back(s) and a quarterback to land on the roster as we pedal towards spring ball. Six to eight experienced players would be swell.