The Red Sox At The Halfway Point

Posted: July 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

Fire John Farrell.  Now.   Dave Dombrowski must do the deed.  Now.  Each day with Mr. Farrell as manager leads to additional slippage in the ultra-competitive A.L. East.  Torey Lovullo guides the Sox to success in the second half.

The offense has been consistent and perhaps the best in the A.L.  Change little to nothing. Granted, Christian Vazquez usually looks baffled with a bat in his hands, but he calls a good game and seems to enjoy the confidence of the pitching staff.  The base running has been exceptional.  This year, Sox runners take the extra base as never before.

Travis Shaw is not a third baseman.  He commits the cardinal sin of thinking before throwing.  A healthy Brock Holt, Chris Young and Blake Swihart makes for a steady left field.  Hanley Ramirez has played a serviceable first base to date.  A hoped for surprise.

Having 60% of a starting pitching staff does not survive the Dog Days of summer.  David Price, Rick Porcello and Steven Wright need company.  Why is Clay Buchholz allowed to wear a Red Sox uniform?  Mr. Buchholz needs to be released immediately, though late May would have been ideal.  Eduardo Rodriguez must find his former self for a successful Red Sox second half.

Koji Uehara is slipping.  Junichi Tazawa, Matt Barnes or Tommy Layne should handle the eighth in place of Mr. Uehara.

Raise a good beer to the second half.


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