The Padres At The Halfway Point

Posted: July 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

Very little went well for the Padres during the first 81 games.  Sure, expectations were low, but meeting low expectations is not the goal.

While the second  half will not differ from the first half, do NOT trade a solid core of offense.  Keep Matt Kemp, Wil Myers and Jon Jay.  Conventional wisdom says to trade Mr. Kemp, but why?  He drives in runs and plays everyday.  Mr. Myers is beginning to realize his substantial capability.  Mr. Jay covers a great deal of ground in the outfield.

Christain Bethancourt is the catcher of the future.  Trade Derek Norris and begin the future.

Speaking of trades; Melvin Upton, Brett Wallace and Alexi Ramirez should move on.  Give the kids at El Paso and San Antonio a shot.  The kids can’t do any worse than their predecessors.

I advocate the same for the entire pitching staff less Drew Pomeranz and Colin Rea.  The bullpen walks far too many batters.  Their collective base on balls per nine innings is unimpressive to plain old bad.

Here’s to next year.  By the way, those of you who attend a Padres game from today forward, you are most kind.


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