The Duplicity of Baylor University

Posted: July 1, 2016 in Uncategorized


The Pepper Hamilton report damns Baylor.  Baylor, at last, discovers worshiping at the altar of football is akin to heresy.  But, the money is so sweet, tempting and incredibly irrational.  The Pepper Hamilton report rejects any claim from Baylor regents and administration regarding lack of knowledge, surprise, presence of rogues or general mystery about the crime of rape committed by their students who play football.  Baylor created a land of rape and chaos from 2009 to the present.

Ken Starr (still employed at Baylor as a law professor.  Sweet irony) claims that he was unaware of the crimes of rape and sexual assault committed multiple times by various football players.  Mr. Starr is hard pressed to prove this lack of knowledge.  His claim is ludicrous and a complete lie.  What university president and chancellor (Mr. Starr served as both during the time frame covered by the Pepper Hamilton review) remains detached from his Power Five football program?  All that revenue, profit and river of green generated by any Power Five football school always receives the dearest attention from the man or woman in charge of that university.  He fully embraced his football program.  He protected his football program.  He chose to ignore sexual assault because the pursuit of that crime would have led to a decline in Baylor revenue.  Presidents and chancellors either prevent or create a lack of institutional control.  Given Mr. Starr’s bowed posture at the altar of football, he, along with the board of regents, fellow worshipers of football generated revenue, created a climate of crime and fear.  Institutional control was as foreign as Latin.

Pepper Hamilton’s findings include, “University administrators . . . directly discouraged complainants from reporting or participating in student conduct processes”.  Fancy language for administration did not want to consider much less acknowledge the crime of rape or offer rape victims access to pursuing investigation of their sexual assault.  The act of daily administration begins with the president/chancellor’s office.

Additionally, Pepper Hamilton interviewed “witnesses” from the president’s office, executive council and office of general counsel.  Is Mr. Starr’s claim of ignorance to be believed given his daily interaction with his own immediate employees, executive council and legal arm of Baylor resulted in years long conversation void of the crime of rape committed by Baylor football players?  No whispers?  No hushed conversations?  Complete and utter ignorance since 2009?

“Administrators engaged in conduct that could be perceived as victim blaming . . .”  Baylor’s culture is established by the board of regents and Mr. Starr.  The board of regents is as culpable of this crime and acceptance of sexual assault as Mr. Starr.  After all, the Baylor board of regents engaged Pepper Hamilton to review all things rape centered at Baylor.  Ironic that concerns about Title IX implementation leads to the public confirmation of a private school’s crime.  Their collective and individual hands are as bruised and filthy as Mr. Starr’s.

Art Briles is a worthless man.  He crawls from the same stagnant, repulsive slim as his players who engaged in sexual assault and physical assault (Baylor football coaches recruit well-rounded football players.  They commit two types of assault, not just one).  I trust that Mr. Briles will be the recipient of multiple lawsuits from the Baylor students who were sexually and physically assaulted by his football players.  Perhaps a new application of law will be established.  Subject matter for one of Mr. Starr’s law classes.

The same words apply to Ian McCaw, the athletic director during Mr. Briles reign.

Mr. McCaw and Mr. Briles, candidly the entire football coaching staff, should publicly respond to Pepper Hamilton’s statement, ” . . . the University and Athletics Department failed to take effective action in response to allegations involving misconduct by football staff.”

Address, “Baylor failed to take appropriate action to respond to reports of sexual assault and dating violence reportedly committed by football players.  The choices made by football staff and athletics leadership, in some instances, posed a risk to campus safety and the integrity of the University.”

Two words that damn Mr. Briles and Mr. McCaw:  choices and integrity.  These two enablers made abhorrent choices.  They are empty of integrity.

Comment on, “In those instances (reports of sexual assault committed by football players), football coaches or staff met directly with a complainant and/or a parent of a complainant and did not report the misconduct.”

Expand on, “. . . some football coaches and staff took improper steps in response to disclosures of sexual assault and dating violence . . .”

Illuminate, “The football program also operates an internal system of discipline . . . relies heavily upon individual judgement in lieu of clear standards for discipline . . . ad hoc internal system of discipline lacks protocols for consistency with University policy . . . improperly insulates football players from appropriate disciplinary consequences . . . puts students . . . and the institution at risk of future misconduct.”

Respond, “. . . created a cultural perception that football was above the rules.”


The perfect cherry on top of this stench of university generated deceit is the consideration by the Baylor board of regents to suspend Mr. Briles for one year, then allow him to resume his coaching duties as penance for his considerable sin.  Ludicrous.  Ridiculous.  Franz Kafka and Joseph Heller would blush at the bottomless farce of the Baylor regents.

Parents everywhere, do not send, enroll, permit, consider your daughter as a Baylor student.  Her physical safety is of no concern.  Ask the board of regents.



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