Aztecs 24, Rams 10

Posted: October 6, 2019 in Uncategorized

31-10 with a bit more effort in the final minute.  But, why complain?

Ryan Agnew was a model of passing proficiency:  16/20 with 3 touchdowns and zero picks.  Not bad, yet somehow more is needed.  Why Jeff Horton leaned to any attempt to balance the pass with the non-effective run was a head scratcher.  The running game took a step backwards.  Between Juwan Washington, Chance Bell, Chase Jasmin and Jordan Byrd, the Aztecs tallied a sad 120 yards.  Boo.  The offensive line’s inability to push back the CSU d-line was the equivalent of slap and yell.  I expect the call of “Back up, you brute” to be quickly adopted as strategy.  Note; our horizontal to the line of scrimmage plays are as effective as no waves at the beach.  Please stop.  Vertical is the preferred method.  You know, north and south.

Juwan Washington, ankle sprain or no, brings spark and speed sorely needed, yet he too could use a bit more help from the front five.

Kobe Smith was the game.  7/101 and 2 of Mr. Agnew’s 3 touchdowns deserves a trip to Hodad’s.  Well done.  The burger as well.

The defense was, once again, superb.  I lost track of how many 3-0 the CSU offense was handed.  Luq Barcoo’s 3 consecutive interceptions is the stuff of lore and legend.  Silly good.  The Aztec defense had 4 sacks and 41 yards in tackles for loss.  The goal line stand at the end of the second quarter was testament to why practice makes perfect.  Also, limiting the Rams to 3/14 on third downs was the proverbial cherry on top of a fine night.  By the way, when was the last time a MWC team averaged 0.7 yards per rush?


Go, Aztecs.


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