Utah State 23, SDSU 17

Posted: September 22, 2019 in Uncategorized

Meh or coulda, shoulda, woulda.

Choose one of the above.

The Aztec defense allowed one (1) Aggie offensive touchdown.  If we subtract the Aggie defensive touchdown (a bouncing ball interception), we win, 17-16.  We were in the game  until the end.  So much for the good news.

Utah State’s linebackers and secondary made plays.  What seemed to be a 5 yard plus run for Chance Bell, Jordan Byrd and/or Chase Jasmin crumbled to a 2 yard gain the entire night.  Rare was the run forward that eluded the Aggie defense.

Ryan Agnew’s propensity to scramble bit him last night.  Especially the final play during which he almost stumbled into the end zone for a safety.  Mr. Agnew lost 60 (!) yards all by his lonesome due to his ineffective scrambles, zig-zags and running sideways.  This behavior must be modified.  He must be frustrating to watch in a buffet line.  Yet, on his behalf, he threw for 2 touchdowns in the fourth quarter that kept SDSU’s chances alive.

The penalty bug returned as SDSU received 7 flags for 61 yards.  That and a grand total of 83 yards lost is a quarter plus worth of offensive yardage.

A week off after 4 games is well received.  Heal, rest and have a long chat with Mr. Agnew about throwing the football forward rather than running with the football in the wrong direction.

I choose meh.


Go, Aztecs.



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