35-21, Ugly Over Idaho

Posted: November 9, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Jon Sanchez should do nothing else but run.  Run the entire week of practice.  Run, Jon, run.  An idiotic move on his part eliminates Aztec momentum at a key moment of developing separation, i.e., we were playing well.  Mr. Sanchez yanks on an opponent’s face mask which was equivalent to opening the door for the Vandals’ offense or, if you prefer, slamming the door on the Aztec offense, nay, team.

Yet, we win.

Ezell Ruffin catching not one, but two touchdown passes bodes well for the remainder of the year.  Mr. Ruffin finding the end zone must become common place if the Aztecs wish to receive a bowl invitation.  4 for 86 coupled with Eric Judge’s 4 for 107 was a welcome development.  The bulk of Quinn Kaehler’s 249 yards of completions are found in the hands of Mr. Ruffin and Mr. Judge.

Speaking on behalf of Mr. Kaehler, shame on the offensive line for allowing four sacks against a struggling opponent.

Returning to the other side of the ball, the Aztec defense was horrible the first half.  Then the ever-present “at the half” adjustment occurred.  The “adjusted” Aztec defense (I can only imagine the blistering speech by one Rocky Long in the locker room), less the idiocy of Mr. Sanchez, was a sight to behold.  Candidly, giving up 21 points to the Vandals was 14 too many.  26 first downs?  379 total yards?  The stuff of upset, but a closer look reveals a paltry 3.9 yards per rush.  The Idaho receivers dropped at least three passes that would have resulted in continuing drives.  Perhaps our defensive backs kicked up enough dust to interfere with Vandal vision.  We can only hope.

The cold, thin air of Boise awaits.  The Broncos were lucky to beat a bad UNM team.  Hopefully, the Aztecs arrive ready to play four quarters of football, not two.  Air Force and San Jose State arrive at the Q to finish the year.  2-1 worst case.  I’m expecting 3-0.


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