30-14. Losers In Reno. Or, Zero-Zero Is Not Welcome.

Posted: November 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Consecutive zeros never deliver offensive charm, and last night was no exception.  Zero in the third.  Zero in the fourth.  Anemic, to be polite.  The Aztec offense could not put the ball in the end zone.  Thus, the game.

Kaehler was average:  21/36/1 (mandatory interception) for 189 yards.  A shoulder shrug.  Meh.  Chase Price was impressive.  Not only 58 yards on 8 rushes, but 4 catches as well.  Jake “Fifth Gear” Fely’s return was welcome, but no real effect in the end.  Kind of the same with Ruffin.  Good to have him on the field, but a loss is a loss.

As for the Wolfpack, Fajardo was contained and his passing was ineffective (10/24/1 for a mere 109 yards).  What the Aztec defense could not stop was Jackson (20/124) and Butler (15/103).  A lot of their yardage was up the middle.  Another sign of a bad night.

I must admit that a bowl game is looking doubtful.  Boise, Nevada and the surprising Rams of CSU have the nod at this point. We can only hope for a near perfect finish with the remaining games.  Here’s hoping.


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