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USU 46, SDSU 13

Posted: December 8, 2021 in Uncategorized
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We were awful. Worse than the Fresno State game. Far worse.

Twenty players sidelined by C-19 provided a shaky start. Sure, losing Daniel Bellinger and Tyrell Shavers made the offense less impactful. However, starting Jordon Brookshire had more of an impact or non-impact or impact similar to a fender bender all your fault.

Not a single player of note on the Aztec defense was among the twenty C-19 players. The SDSU defense was solid and sound. Allowing Utah State to score 46 points has nothing to do with the Aztec offense. Our defense was somewhere far away from Carson. We dropped four potential interceptions. By the fourth drop, the protestation of the dropee was as old as rotten fish. Catch the damn ball. Of course, not catching passes is why you are not a wide receiver.

The Aztec special teams resembled Clown College: Blocked punts, dropped punts, missed field goals and running about with no apparent purpose was as unwelcome as cold soup.

Returning to my favorite scowl, Mr. Brookshire reverted to his specialty of throwing at shoe laces or far above outstretched hands. The first quarter featured three 3 and outs. He truly set the tone. 11/23/117 was mediocre, and mediocre does not stand during a conference championship game. May he sit during the Frisco bowl.

Watching Jaylen Mayden play (at last) bodes well for next year. 5/6/50 yards and the lone SDSU touchdown coupled with 4 runs for 36 yards is the stuff of effective dual quarterbacking.

Did I mention 120 yards handed to USU via penalties? No? We handed 120 yards to USU due to bad decisions and ill-timed emotion. Great timing for dysfunction. I will not mention the 1/14 on third down conversions. Opps.

We go bowling in Frisco, Texas against UT San Antonio. We finish 11-2. Candidly, at the beginning of the 2021 season, an 8-4/5-3 finish would have thrilled me. I can’t complain. But I do.

11-2/7-1. Ranked #24 in the CFP final tally. Not bad.

Go Aztecs.


Dominating.  Absolutely dominating.  Both sides of the ball.  Firing on all cylinders and all other similar analogies apply.  Utah State’s first three offensive possessions:  3 and out, lost fumble, 3 and out.  The tone was set.

The defense was punishing.  Kent Myers was crushed, slammed and treated badly by the Aztec defense.  After Fely’s hit in the second quarter, Mr. Myers took a while to return to form.  He was playing with, um, great hesitancy.  Mr. Myers finished 8/19/93 yards.  The SDSU defensive line was camped in the Utah State backfield.  Keeping the lid on the USU offense to the result of 14 points was testament to a job well done.  The Aggies were a mere 3/11 on third down conversions.  Na’im McGee had his best game of the year with 10 tackles.  Domantae Kazee’s first half hit that removed the USU player’s helmet was an early exclamation point.  So much to enjoy.

Donnel Pumphrey (23/181), Chase Price (21/97), Rashaad Penny (10/38) and Dakota “I Don’t Like To Be Tackled” Gordon (3/18) enjoyed great blocking on behalf of the Aztec offensive line and receiving corps to the total of 336 rushing yards.  As mentioned in the San Jose State post, the return of Darrell Greene has solidified the o-line.  He was missed.  The Aztec offense scored three of four quarters including 14 fourth quarter points.  7 of 8 red zone opportunities resulted in scores.  Solid football.

Yes, I’m giddy.  Especially contrasted against the horrible 1-3 non-con start.  4-0 and sitting in first place in the West division.  Ah, what a view.  Bowl game number 7 in a continuing series seems (never assume too much) to be close enough to touch or at least contractually say “yes”.  Colorado State on Halloween awaits.  Fort Collins’ psychotic weather enters the equation along with the altitude.  Will we be greeted by snow?  Blizzard conditions?  Fifty mile an hour winds?  A balmy afternoon in the mid-50s?  Game time in Fort Collins is always intriguing.