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SDSU 17, Toledo 14

Posted: September 27, 2022 in Uncategorized
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After Toledo scored their second touchdown to go up 14-10, I’m wondering, “When was the last time we started 1-3?”.

2-2 is pure relief.

How many football teams win games when forced to punt 9(!) times? Jack Browning is quickly becoming my favorite Aztec. 6 of his 9 boots landed inside the 20. Pure quality.

I accept the fact we cannot effectively throw the football. My hope that Braxton “Happy Feet” Burmeister would transfer his V. Tech numbers will not see the light of day. He flees far too soon. Alas, he ignores my pleas to stay in the pocket an additional couple of seconds. Jeff Hecklinski needs to emphasize the run. Ground and pound takes the forefront. Stop with the fantasy of Mr. Burmeister completing anywhere near 20 passes. The run game created many a successful year for Aztec football the last dozen, so reload and run, run, run. Jordan Byrd, Jaylon Armstead, Kenan Christon and Mr. Happy Feet collectively ran for 217 yards and averaged 6.6 yards per carry. Numbers Aztec faithful can live with. Want to argue? Mr. Burmeister averaged 5 yards per completion. At half time, he had 11 yards passing. Sit down. No more talking. Shhh.

The defense was generally spectacular. 3 interceptions and 1 fumble recovery stuffed many a Toledo hope. Sure, the boys wilted in the fourth quarter, however on their behalf spending almost 32 minutes on the field is less than conducive to sustained perfection. Congrats to former qb, Jalen Mayden who registered 8 tackles while assuming the Aztec position in place of Patrick McMorris. Ta da.

The final SDSU drive with 2:51 remaining was testament to intestinal fortitude and holding one’s water. The two false start penalties with the ball on the 6 yard line was mind blowing. I was expecting the offensive line to line up backwards to enhance the challenge. Note: 11 Aztec penalties for 103 yards of gifts to Toledo is stupid and undisciplined.

I offer a new word: wugly. Winning ugly. You are welcome.

Go Aztecs.