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Strange. We score 29 points without an offense.

If not for Jordan Byrd (93 yard kickoff return) and BJ Busbee (90 yard punt return), chances are, we lose to a woeful Colorado State team . . . at home. Well, if I may call Carson home.

Jordon Brookshire rushed 23 times for only 73 yards. Why did Mr. Brookshire rush 23 times? Did all the running backs fall into disfavor during the prior week of practice? Offensive coordinator Jeff Hecklinski was as innovative as a kid making a pb and j sandwich in a five star restaurant. Crust or no crust? Continuing with the Aztec rushing game, 48 runs yielded a whopping 117 yards. That is less than 2.5 yards per carry. Total offense was a pathetic 247 yards. How many teams win by 12 when generating 247 yards of offense? Only the lucky. Returning to Mr. Brookshire, he was a serviceable 14/24 with 1 touchdown, but to little effect downfield. He remains out of sync with his receivers. By the way, congrats to Dominic Benson (2/22) and Nolan Givan (1/14) for their first Aztec catches. Watching Daniel Bellinger’s (5/53) involvement in the passing game was long overdue. All of this offense scored 1 touchdown. Boo.

Of course, the Aztec special teams were tremendous. Given the above scores by Mr. Byrd and Mr. Busbee, the kickoff return team averaged 43 yards per return while the punt return efforts finished with an average of almost 39 yards per return. Yet, all that above average to great starting points eluded our offense and ended in three Matt Araiza field goals of 40, 21 and 38 yards.

As usual, less the second quarter, the Aztec defense was spectacular. Both Darren Hall and Tayler Hawkins picked off passes in the fourth quarter to hush any prolonged CSU drive. 11 tackles for loss registered 38 yards including 2 sacks. Defensive coordinator Kurt Mattix continues to impress.

4-3/4-2. Go, Aztecs.


The outcome was an old fashioned butt kicking.  Expose butt, please kick.  Repeat.  Repeat.

The Aztecs were ugly, uninspired and unsuccessful.

The Rams took the game from the beginning snap.  The Aztec defense was reminiscent of the pre-Rocky days (those were bad defensive teams).  Nick Stevens, an average qb, was 10/15/210 without a single interception.  Our front three peppered with the occasional linebacker or two could not reach Mr. Stevens.

Do you want more proof regarding Aztec lack of preparation?  Two CSU running backs ran for better than 100 yards each.  Mr. Gallup (well named) caught 7 balls for 139 yards and 3 touchdowns.  The Rams were 8/12 on third down conversions (that’s a stunning success rate of 66%).  Ram receivers averaged 19.6 yards per catch.  The Ram running game averaged 6.3 yards per carry.  507 total yards of offense swept by a bewildered Aztec defense.


Consecutive MWC losses must not become three.  We have one week to prepare for Wyoming.  Will we make their qb look like a future first round pick or will we meet the challenge of arriving in a bad mood?  Will we contain Mr. Hill or allow him to look like Donnel Pumphrey once looked?

Stay tuned.





The NFL has spoken.  The St. Louis Rams win as they return to their Los Angeles roots.  Inglewood is a vision of joy via stadium construction and the rest of Stan Kroenke’s vision.

Which leads us to the Chargers.

Granted, the NFL offered Dean Spanos the opportunity to be Stan Kroenke’s junior (emphasis) partner.  File that offer under throw the dog a bone.  As Mr. Spanos considers the reality of junior partner coupled with the one year of advantage given the Rams, he would be foolish to head north.

All public and private praise regarding stadium development will land at the feet of Mr. Kroenke.  Inglewood denizens will pause in wonder at the transformation witnessed as the stadium rises into the sky accompanied by hotels, restaurants and general consumer friendly development.  Dean Spanos will have stand in jealous wonder.  Stan Kroenke becomes the older, popular, more successful brother.  Mr. Spanos will know the social sting of being “allowed” to play in Stan Kroenke’s sparkling new stadium adorned with all things Rams.  Mr. Spanos will truly know the feeling of rent.  Multi-millionaires do not rent.  Thank you very much.

Sadly, Mr. Spanos will continue to sneer at the most logical solution: the renovation of the Q along with all the impressive commercial development coupled with a ready and waiting November vote requiring a simple majority of city voters.

Yes, the NFL did toss another $100 million at Mr. Spanos for a breathtaking total of $300 million in NFL stadium subsidies.  Yet, is there such a thing as too much free money?  Why must the wealthy use their own cash?  What is next?  Driving their own cars?

In the NFL’s world, where the impossible does not exist, we are given the possibility of the Oakland Raiders moving south to San Diego.  Mark Davis finds the idea plausible.  Mr. Davis will not have the downtown obsession affliction of Mr. Spanos.  Mayor Kevin Faulconer has made the Raiders his Plan B.  Given history, this Plan B is as painful as the Yankees playing weekend games at Fenway.  However, the Chargers have not responded to any San Diego negotiation since June, 2015.  Is Mayor Faulconer to wait by the phone forever?  Perhaps Mr. Davis will call and send flowers long before Mr. Spanos returns his attention to the ignored Mayor Faulconer.  Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

Mr. Spanos has a long proven reluctance to remove his wallet to spend his own money (or endure the bothersome process of instructing his financial advisors to access lines of credit and loans as other business people do on a daily basis).  That reluctance negates any chance of his delivering the approximate $550 million in relocation fees to the NFL to play tenant in Los Angeles.  A bruising spring and summer of idiocy awaits as Mr. Spanos comes to the slow (painfully slow) realization that San Diego is a wonderful place to play football and make money.


Oy, the first half was ugly.  Or to paraphrase Redd Foxx, so ugly, we were hit with the ugly stick.  Why was Jeff Horton running the majority of plays to the Aztec right?  One stuff after another.  We could not block on our right side the entire half.  No momentum was developed less the opening drive (which was nice).  Malik Smith loses his mind during the second quarter.  Rocky should have removed him from the game.  Mr. Smith was completely out of control.  Shame.

Speaking of shame, 13-10 at the half.

We finally arrived to play in the second half.  Maxwell Smith produced his best game as an Aztec quarterback.  11/14/180 yards.  No interceptions.  Plus, he averaged just shy of 13 yards per completion.  Not bad.  Donny Hageman nailing a 54 yard field goal was a team boost.  Donnel Pumphrey and Rashaad Penny both averaged 6 yards a carry.  Mr. Penny looked especially impressive against the CSU defense.  Dakota Gordon rumbled (all fullbacks rumble) for 52 yards on 4 carries.  The offense provided the most  balanced performance of the season.

The Aztec defense started poorly, but ended well.  Three picks.  Damontae Kazee returning his interception for a touchdown was a spear to the Rams offensive heart.  The back seven allowed the Rams a paltry 7.3 yards per completion.  A solid second half effort.  During the first half, I’m wondering “who are these guys?”  Thankfully, they disappeared.

Next week is our off week.  Soak the bumps and bruises.  Enjoy next Saturday.  Grab some sand.  Three MWC games remain.  5-0 in conference play is stellar.  Wyoming rolls into the Q Saturday, November 14.  The Cowboys feature an above average running game.  However, as long as Rocky keeps the boys focused, I’m leaning towards a 6-0 Mountain West result.