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By all accounts, a nice guy.

However, Mr. Hecklinski’s idea of a quality offensive possession was equivalent to two runs, one pass and a booming punt. A stale result by any measure.

The Aztec offense scored eight touchdowns (five rushing, three passing) in the first five games of the season. Math heads know 56/5 is a weeping 11 points per game. I was kind and included the extra point. Cumulative total offense per play averaged only 4.4 yards. Yes, passing included.

Mr. Hecklinski developed a self-destructive passion for running on third down. This fatal flaw was on full display during the Boise game when he repeatedly called for runs on long third downs to seemingly set up a quality punt to pin Boise as deep as possible on their half of the field. A strategy much appreciated by defensive coordinator Kurt Mattix, but not so much by Aztec faithful . . . and Brady Hoke.

I dismiss the argument that he did not develop quarterbacks. He never had much of a quarterback to develop. Carson Baker (2020) had a lot of quit in him. Jordon Brookshire (2021, 2020) and Lucas Johnson (2021, 2020) were inconsistent on a good day. Will Haskell decided (2022, 2021) he was the man without notifying the coaching staff (though pulling Mr. Haskell after one offensive series against Utah was extreme. And another sign of a lack of self-confidence on Mr. Hecklinski’s part). As for this year, the seven of you who read my posts know my thoughts and feelings about Braxton “Happy Feet and I’m Injured, Again” Burmeister.

Jeff Horton is once again the offensive coordinator (he was Rocky Long’s long time o.c.). Don’t assume the inclusion of Ryan Lindley as quarterbacks coach will ignite a pass happy offense. On the contrary, Mr. Horton loves to run the football. Ask Donnel Pumphrey, Rashaad Penny and Ronnie Hillman. I expect more of a mix of quick passes of the seven to ten yard variety (and not so much towards the sidelines which was another point of ill-preference from Mr. Hecklinski resulting in incomplete passes flying over sideline coaching staffs) along with run, run, run. Will the Aztec offense blossom and average 30+ points per game? Of course not. But, we will have a functioning offense that provides hope in close games.

Go Aztecs.


An ugly game.

Jordon Brookshire is not a starting quarterback. He is/was awful. Indecision is his middle name. As stated in prior posts, throwing the ball downfield is really hard. 7/20 and 115 yards is a poor first half, yet this was his game total. He was 2/6 for 15 yards in the first quarter, 1/6 for 39 yards in the second quarter and 0/1 in the fourth quarter. Lucas Johnson should be stretching his archenemy (legs and associated muscles) the entire week before the Arizona game. If Brady Hoke, and to a lesser extent Jeff Hecklinski, continue an entire game with Mr. Brookshire, he/they should have his/their brain(s) removed from his/their skull with an ice-cream scoop.

William Dunkle acted like a moron. Keep your emotions in check, Mr. Dunkle. Frustration is part of the game. Teeing up yourself for 15 yard specials is d-u-m dum, so dumb, you didn’t get to the “b”.

The good news is the Aztec defense yielded only 48 total yards rushing. 3 interceptions, including a touchdown courtesy of Andrew Aleki, coupled with 5 sacks was impressive. However, the defensive backfield was far too soft and off the line of scrimmage as proven by the 326 yards passing by New Mexico State. By the way, Noah Tumblin needs to get better fast. He was the proverbial drum beaten, especially during the first half.

Greg Bell (21/161) and Jordan Byrd (3/48) made for an effective running game (248 total rushing yards).

If you were wondering, can Matt Araiza punt? The answer is yes, yes he can. 9 boots for an average of 56.8 yards. What will he do in high altitude locations?

Finally, our offense cannot sustain itself with Jordon Brookshire as qb. We will not be able to win close games, especially with time fading away. The Aztec offense had one quarter (the fourth) in which possession exceeded 7 minutes. Not good.


Go, Aztecs.