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SDSU 14, UNLV 10

Posted: November 11, 2022 in Uncategorized
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Dallas Branch and Dez Malone each intercept a pass in the end zone. Two UNLV tds evaporate. Whew.

The Aztec defense was stout. 26 yards via tackles for loss, 3 sacks and the above mentioned 2 picks. Also consider, UNLV did not score during the first half. Dare I say, defensive coordinator Kurt Mattix has the attention of his 3-3-5 practioners.

As for the Aztec offense, oy vey. A poor oy vey.

The running game has all but disappeared. Without the return of Jaylon Armtsead, we would have registered 76 yards rushing. For the entire game. Thankfully, Mr. Armstead almost single handedly took the fourth quarter clock from 5:41 to quadruple zeroes by rushing for 56 yards on 6 carries (9.3 ypc!) and creating 3 first downs to cheer on the game clock.

Jalen Mayden was a serviceable, yet still light years better than Mr. Burmeister, 19/31/216 and 2 tds. On his behalf, getting sacked 5 times cannot stand. There’s a joke in there somewhere. Anyway, the offensive line needs to buy Mr. Mayden another couple of seconds. I will point out the o-line receiving only 2 penalties for 15 yards was dramatic improvement compared to any other game this season.

14 points and 4/14 on third down is a meager result for holding the ball 34 minutes. To repeat, a poor oy vey.

Also not helpful was Jack Browning missing his only two field goal attempts. Perhaps he is human.

Go Aztecs.



A game of monster runs and punting to perfection.

In no particular order, may I present Jordan Byrd with a 66 yard punt return and 53 yard run. Both for touchdowns. Braxton Burmeister sprinting 47 yards for a score as well as another rush of 16 yards. Jaylon Armstead rushing for 129 yards on 10 carries highlighted with a run for 61 yards and another for 23 yards. Cam Davis, a bruiser, granted not the size of Mr. Armstead, yet he runs well between the tackles, ran for 77 yards. Kenan Christon had a 34 yard dash. At game’s end the Aztecs tallied 380 yards rushing (8.8 ypc).

Jack Browning had five punts inside the 10 yard line (two were downed at the one yard line). 47.5 yard average made for a tough start again and again for Idaho State.

The SDSU defense was inconsistent. Bad numbers and good. Idaho State held the ball for 30+ minutes for 73 offensive plays. Yet, the Aztec defense was third down stingy (6 of 19) and pitched a shutout on fourth down (0 for 2). Two Bengal trips to the red zone yielded no points. However, SDSU gave up 338 total yards. I realize I’m bitching about allowing 7 points. I have standards.

Finally, congrats to Blake Martin as he made his Aztec debut (4 carries for 17 yards).

Go Aztecs.