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The easy subtitle is “Why Are We Awful?”.

Catching:  Other than Hanigan’s .378 obp, he and his soul mates, Swihart and Leon, are largely unproductive with bats in hand.  The three have a combined 11 doubles, 2 homeruns and a whopping 22 rbi (as of 7/7/15).  A below average trio.  Perhaps Christian Vasquez is near health.

First:  Napoli must go.  I was hopeful that after the Angels’ series, he would remain hot, alas, not so much.  The .192 batting average is indicative of a man who can’t hit a mlb fastball.  Time to move on at the end July.  Thanks for the beard and memories.  Daniel Nava and Travis Shaw can share the spot and offer twice the production of Mike.

Second:  Pedroia reaching 281 ab before landing on the dl is true dirt dog.  .306/.367.  Sounds good.  Return as soon as possible.

Third:  Sandoval’s numbers (.270/.313) are awful.  And all that money in exchange.  7 homers and 29 rbis is as woeful as his ba/obp.  Time to play ball in the second half.  Stay off your phone during game time.

Short:  Bogaerts driving in 40 by and large courtesy of his 19 doubles is a tribute to the patience of Farrell and Cherington.  Change nothing.

Left:  Hanley Ramirez plays the ugliest outfield since his namesake Manny and Jonny Gomes.  Wince, close both eyes, pray.  But, 18 homers and 43 rbis make for a lot of understanding.

Center:  Mookie, oh, Mookie.  You and Xander must stay forever.  The future is bright up the middle.

Right:  I’m lumping Victorino, De Aza (initially, I despised the acquisition, but .317/.364 convinces me otherwise) and Castillo as proof that Ben does not have a well thought plan in right field.  Shane complains when he does not play.  Castillo is an underachiever to date.  Trade Shane to lessen the moan and groan.

DH:  Ortiz hitting .226 is as glaring as Napoli’s .192.  But, with 14/41 in the power category, I trust David will enjoy the true heat of summer and warm his bat.

Special Mention:  Brock Holt.  Enjoy the All-Star game.  May your second half be your first half.

Starting Pitching:  Since dismissing Nieves, the starters have improved.  Granted, Porcello seems to be as much a bust as Kelly, but I’m hopeful one of the two can return to form in August/September.  Buchholz is enjoying a lot more than simple consistency.  He is one of the better A.L. pitchers the last four weeks.  Rodriguez is a welcome addition.  Any lefty who can throw strikes is the same as finding a hundred-dollar bill on the sidewalk.  Smile.  If Masterson remains healthy, at the very least, he should eat 100 innings in the second half.  Miley needs to reduce the walks, thus his whip (1.44.  Far too high for an effective starter).

Bullpen:  Uehara, Tazawa, Ogando and Layne need company.  Ross and Hembree have disappointed.  Breslow may be less of a puzzle to the opposition.  Steven Wright needs more innings.  Just ask Wakefield.

Second Half Prediction:  The A.L. East is awful this year.  Remember the ice cream falling off the cone.  Landing with a plop in the dirt.  That’s the A.L. East . . . and the Red Sox.  If Ben can solve first base and right field as well as land a #2 or #3 starter plus one more proven arm for the seventh/eighth inning, the Sox can make a run because Toronto, Baltimore, Tampa Bay and the Evil Empire aren’t any better.