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Brady Hoke has a lot to repair for 2023.

Most college football mavens point to our loss of defensive starters. Important? Sure.

More important on behalf of Mr. Hoke is to dismiss Jeff Horton as offensive coordinator and running backs coach. Mr. Horton must retire or find work elsewhere. The Aztec running game has been miserable the last two years. Anemic run production is now the name of our once effective “pound and ground”. More like “trip and fall” in 2021 and 2022. May I suggest moving Donnel Pumphrey, currently a graduate assistant, into the role of coaching running backs? Well, I did.

Next, name Ryan Lindley the offensive coordinator. He did a fine job coaching Jalen Mayden. Mr. Lindley had staggering (in a good way) offensive numbers as the Aztec starting quarterback from 2008 to 2011: 12,690 passing yards coupled with 90 touchdowns. Certainly, Mr. Lindley can translate his past success and experience into a productive and creative offensive coordinator.

Next on my coaching list is offensive line coach Mike Goff. Mr. Goff’s group were often the reason why drives stalled or were completely eliminated via poor behavior. Too many false starts. Too many unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. Mr. Goff needs to impress upon his starting five the simple command of “Don’t move until the ball is snapped!”. I acknowledge Mr. Goff’s first year on staff was 2022. However, he must improve the offensive line’s performance in 2023 . . . or else he will incur my wrath.

As for rest of the coaching staff, I trust everybody stays. Of course, SDSU usually suffers from coach poaching during the month of January following the season’s conclusion. Hopefully, 2023 proves an exception.

The 2023 recruiting class (I give the group a “B”) will be augmented by a handful of transfer portal signings. Give me two offensive linemen, two defensive linemen and a running back to join the already signed Raphael Williams (wide receiver) and Cody Moon (linebacker).

Snapdragon stadium in all its newness requires an offense that can score and score often on a regular basis. Kurt Mattix’s defense needs a reliable partner in keeping us close as the game wears on. Surely, Mr. Hoke wants to avoid a “hot seat” listing as the 2023 season unfolds. Snapdragon ticket holders want to watch winning football, not 7 wins and 6 losses football. Boring.

Happy 2023.

Go Aztecs.