Air Force 13, SDSU 3

Posted: December 2, 2022 in Uncategorized
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The offensive line returned to pre-MWC form: Plenty of false starts. Five to be exact. If you wonder, “Is anytime a good time for a false start?”, the answer is no. Drive killers, long run snuffers and completed passes reconsidered. All the false starts derailed momentum.

Next, negative one. No, not I’m passing judgement on the emotional character of your friend who bitches about taxes, weather, traffic and parking. Rather negative one was the Aztec total rushing yardage as the game ended. We ran backwards.

Jaylen Mayden was an ineffective 16/31/188 with 2 interceptions (both in the end zone during the fourth quarter). Sleep walking while quarterbacking at best. Between Mr. Mayden and the running (cough) game, we totaled 187 yards. Yep, let’s see, 188 – 1 = 187. Thus our evening and result.

How many teams hold Air Force to 285 total yards and lose? We do.

How many teams allow 14 total yards passing and lose? We do.

How many opponents offer a lousy 36.2 yards per punt, yet the receiving team does nothing? That would be us.

0-10 was . . . ? SDSU on third down.

20:47 was . . . ? The Aztecs time of possession (meaning Air Force had the ball :47 shy of 40 minutes).

All the above on senior night to add insult to injury.

The good news, we travel to Hawaii for a bowl game.

Wait ’til next year.

Go Aztecs.



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