Utah 35, SDSU 7

Posted: September 21, 2022 in Uncategorized
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Little to like. I was surprised Utah did not score north of 42 points. 21-0 at the half. Two more Ute touchdowns in the third with 7:30 on the game clock. All signs pointed to butt-ugly. Game’s end, we achieved simple ugly.

The Aztec offense is wheezing. Three games yields north of 20 points once. We are an asthmatic running with cramps on a long jog.

7 points is all we can scrape together in 60 minutes of football. Kyle Crum or no Kyle Crum, the result is wretched. 3.1 yards per offensive play is indeed offensive. Braxton Burmeister seems to have a talent for quick exit against P12 teams. Unfair? Perhaps. I would love to see a repeat performance sooner rather than later of his Idaho State result. Enough of this coulda, shoulda, woulda. Time to score lots of points. Lots would be better than 30 points.

The SDSU dbs were beaten like a slow moving midget in a buffet line. Giving up 4 passing tds is uninspired, confused football. Utah was 8/15 on third downs. 68 offensive plays averaged 6 yards a play for Utah which translates into far too many first downs.

Good news: Jack Browning had another fine game punting the football. 8 boots for 45.6 yards per. 3 inside the 20 yard line.

Go Aztecs



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