Colorado 20, SDSU 10

Posted: December 1, 2020 in Uncategorized

Let us begin with the week that led to our trip to Boulder. Fresno State cancels during the prior weekend. J.D. Wicker has a partial agreement with the University of Washington that is canned on Tuesday by the PAC-12 when the Huskies are directed to play an available PAC-12 team. In less than two full days, J.D. speaks with the University of New Mexico, then Tulsa and settles on Colorado. “Settles” has all the stability of riding in a car with no struts, brakes, seat belts or windshield. How could this end badly? We’re fine.

As for the game, we were flat. Neither side of the ball held much interest initially. However, the defense quickly awoke. Darren Hall’s interception leading to halftime was sorely needed. By game’s end, the Aztec defense allowed the Buffalo offense 134 yards rushing and 138 yards passing for a total of 272 yards (3.3 per play). Consider the stingy 7/19 on third downs as well. A winnable offering . . . if you have an offense that can score more than 20 points. We did not.

The Colorado defense was far superior to the Aztec offense. We resembled a juco team. Yep, the Aztec offense was inept. Carson Baker needs counseling. Jordan Brookshire has a passion for throwing his passes at his receivers’ ankles. Carson and Jordan were a collective mess of 11/28 with 1 interception. 11/28 is a completion rate of 39%. Our running game featuring the trio of Kaegun Williams, Jordan Byrd and Chance Bell did next to nothing and were a collective fizzle. Our offensive line was pushed and shoved the entire game by the Buffaloes. The Aztec offense finished with 155 total yards. Yuk. We were 4/17 on third down. Double yuk. The offense failed to score points in all four quarters less Matt Araiza’s lone make. Thank goodness, Tanner Kuljian had a great night punting the football (8 for an average of 44.9 yards per). If not, 20-10 gets worse.

Speak not of the injured Lucas Johnson, Greg Bell and William Dunkle. Make no excuse. We played truly bad offensive football.

3-3. Go, Aztecs.


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