SDSU 34, Hawaii 10

Posted: November 15, 2020 in Uncategorized

Return to Aztec normal.

The TV broadcast was not available. I happily returned to the voice embrace of Ted Leitner. Dear Uncle Teddy. Any football broadcaster who uses the phrase, “What the bleep is going on?” deserves praise. Sure, I missed watching the spectacle of whomping Hawaii, but the listening pleasure is salve enough.

The first touchdown was a two play beauty featuring Jordan Byrd (61 yards/8.7 per rush) sprinting to the end zone. The second score, courtesy of Greg Bell (175 yards/8.4 per rush), took one play. Defensively, Kurt Mattix was firing one blitz after another resulting in a fumble (recovered by Hawaii) and impossible field advantage with a sack for -9 yards with less than a minute remaining in the first quarter. Good times.

Thus the tone was set. Run, run, run, run coupled with jaw smashing defense. Segun Olubi’s interception returned for a score, and a 28-0 lead, reminds us that the scoring burden does not rest solely with the Aztec offense. Thank goodness, because Carson Baker was awful. 4/13/30? Yep. Disappointing, but true. Do recall with a 28-3 lead in the fourth quarter, we had a first and goal courtesy of a Hawaii fumble at their 10 yard line. Brady and Jeff decided to run once, run twice, run a third time before trotting out Matt Araiza to kick the field goal. Not a single pass. I believe Mr. Baker needs to rebuilt as quickly as possible. Yes, Lucas Johnson (51 yards rushing/11.8 per rush) provided direction the last 12 minutes of the game, but he did not attempt a single pass. ’tis not a recipe for a healthy offense. Quick! Name the sole wide receiver/tight end with a catch. Elijah Kothe. Further proof of required repair.

Returning to Mr. Mattix’s defense, please digest the following: Hawaii averaged 1.9 yards per rush, 6 yards per reception, less than 4 yards per play, 3/17 on third down and 8 punts. Almost forgot the 7 sacks for a total loss of 64 yards. You are welcome, Aztec offense.

3-1. Go, Aztecs.


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