My Annual MLB Player Development Ratings, N.L. Pitching

Posted: December 22, 2019 in Uncategorized

N.L. East:  Not bad, not bad at all.

Miami (#1).  The Marlins join the Detroit Tigers in head spinning.  Zac Gallen had a taste of Miami last year.  He is permanent in 2020.  Most of the strength comes from AA ball.  Vincenzo Aiello, Tommy Eveld and Parker Bugg are the most talented followed by Dylan Lee, Tyler Stevens, Cody Proteet and Alex Vesia.  By the way, the Marlins have five pitchers of note in A+ ball as well.

NYM (#4).  While developing 2-9 players seems a deep, dark mystery to the Mets, pitching has plenty of hope for the future.  Harol Gonzalez (AAA/AA) is the most likely candidate to join the staff post-spring training.  Zach Lee (MLB/AAA/AA) was an unnecessary rush job in 2019.  Adonis Uceta (AA) and Balke Taylor (AA) make the team with a good spring.  Watch Yeizo Campos (A+) as the next two years go by.

Washington (#6).  Mario Sanchez (AA) should arrive in D.C. sometime during 2020.  Ben Braymer (AA) stands a chance as well.  Two rush jobs in 2019 need to gather themselves in AAA, then rise:  Eric Fedde (MLB/AAA/AA) and Kyle McGowan (MLB/AAA/AA).  Aaron Fletcher (A+/A) is exceptional.

Philadelphia (#7).  Edgar Garcia (MLB/AAA) returns to Philly fulltime in 2020.  Spencer Howard (AA/A+) is best in system.  Connor Brogdon (AA/A+) is not far behind.

Atlanta (#13).  A couple of guys in A+.  A couple of guys in A.  Yawn.

N.L. Central:  Two teams develop pitching.  Three teams need the time of day.

Pittsburgh (#3).  Blake Weiman (AA) is best in system.  Brandon Wadell (AA) joins him in Pittsburgh at some point in 2020.  Three in A+ deserve watching:  Cody Bolton, Nick Mears, and Nicholas Economos.

Milwaukee (#5).  Luke Barker (AAA/AA) moves to Milwaukee in 2020.  Adrian Houser (MLB/AAA) stays in Milwaukee.  Aaron Kurcz (AA) and Trey Supak (AA) may get an August, 2020 taste.

Chicago (#9).  Rowan Wick (MLB/AAA) will get another shot in Wrigley.  After Mr. Rowan, not much.  A guy to watch is Jeffrey Passantino (A+).

Cincinnati (#12T).  Alex Powers (AA) is best in system.  No notable AAA talent in 2019.  Same goes for AA less Mr. Powers.

St. Louis (#12T).  One guy in AAA.  One guy in AA.  Tommy Parsons (A) is a long way from the Arch.

N.L. West:  The opposite of the 2-9 success.

Colorado (#2).  Ben Bowden (AA) is best in system.  Joining him from the AA ranks are Ashton Godeau, Alexander Guillen, Rico Garcia, Heath Holder and Tate Scioneaux.

Arizona (#10).  Let the parade of non-development begin.  Except for Joel Payamps, AAA was void of contestants.  AA ball was luke warm.  Blake Workman (A) is the one to watch.

Los Angeles (#11T).  I do not share the trumpeting of Dustin May (MLB/AAA).  Mitchell White (AA) and Markus Solbach may arrive in L.A. late 2020.  Brett de Geus (A) is on the watch list.

San Diego (#11T).  When an organizations two best pitchers are in A+, much needs to be improved.  Mackenzie Gore and Steven Wilson begin 2020 in AA.  Hopefully, rush jobs are avoided.

San Francisco (#12T).  Carlos Navas (AA) is best in system.  A thin system.  Some talent is brewing in A+ and A ball.  The Giants failed to fill their top-ten, stopping at #7.



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