My Annual MLB Development Ratings, N.L. Position Players

Posted: December 22, 2019 in Uncategorized

N.L. East:  A top, middle and bottom.

Washington (#2T).  Four potential future studs await.  Carter Kieboom (MLB/AAA), Jose Marmolejos (AAA), Taylor Gushue (AAA) and Andrew Stevenson (MLB/AAA).  All four should leave spring training bound for D.C.  Next in line is Alec Keller (AAA).

Miami (#6).  Yes, the Fish have improved.  2020 features the arrival of Austin Dean (MLB/AAA and best in system), Isan Diaz (MLB/AAA), Rossell Herrera (MLB/AAA) and Harold Ramirez (MLB/AAA).

Atlanta (#7).  Austin Riley (MLB/AAA and best in system) finds a permanent home in Atlanta in 2020.  Johan Carmago (MLB/AAA) may find company with Mr. Riley.  One to watch is Trey Harris (A+/A).

Philadelphia (#10).  A thin, brittle #10.  They slotted five of ten guys in their top-ten.  Unless you are hitting a baseball, 50% is awful.  And given the Phillies approach to hitting in the minors, hitting is rare.  Nick Williams (MLB/AAA) hangs around in 2020.

NYM:  And, the Mets.  Bringing up the rear.  The system rear that is dragging on the ground and making a crevice.  They had two guys in their top-ten.  Two.  The Mets are the poster child of how not to draft, sign and develop position players.  Congratulations.

N.L. Central:  Spotty at best, less the top two teams.

St. Louis (#2T).  Randy Arozarena (MLB/AAA/AA) is St. Louis bound in 2020.  He’s good.  Justin Williams (MLB/AAA) is almost as good.  Rangel Ravalo (MLB/AAA), Dylan Carlson (AAA/AA) and Tommy Edman (MLB/AAA) need a good spring to make the team, but 2020 will feature a St. Louis appearance at some point.

Cincinnati (#4).  A team learning how to develop everyday ball players.  Josh Van Meter (MLB/AAA and best in system) will be accompanied by a combination of the following in Cincinnati in 2020:  Aristides Aquino (MLB/AAA), Phil Ervin (MLB/AAA), Brian O’Grady (MLB/AAA) and/or Chadwick Tromp (AAA).  Lots of talent in AA will push in the near future.

Pittsburgh (#8).  A lot of talent in A+ and A ball.  Pirates fans be patient.  2020 features Bryan Reynolds (MLB/AAA) and Hunter Owen (AA) in Pittsburgh..

Milwaukee (#9T).  Trent Grisham (MLB/AAA and best in system ) and Keston Hiura (MLB/AAA) offer help in 2020.  Milwaukee gets thin quick.  Only one player each from A+ and A ball made the top-ten.  The last four spots are vacant.

Chicago (#9T).  Guess which spots are vacant?  See Milwaukee.  Maybe Clayton Daniel (AA/A, skipped A+ ball) arrives in 2020.  Maybe.

N.L. West:  Talent galore brewing and ready to pour into MLB.  Ready your glasses.

Arizona (#1).  Idelmaro Vargas (MLB/AAA) and Kevin Cron (MLB/AAA) begin 2020 in Phoenix.  Choose from the following to join them:  Yasmany Tomas (MLB/AAA), Domingo Leyba (MLB/AAA), Tim LoCastro (MLB/AAA), Jamie Westbrook (AAA) and Ben DeLuzio (AAA).  However, Dalton Varsho (AA) may push them all aside.

Colorado (#2T).  Four MLB/AAA players impress.  Yonathan Diaz, Brendan Rogers, Pat Valaika and Brian Mundell.  A short step behind are Elliot Soto (AAA) and Roberto Ramon (AAA).

San Diego (#2T).  Ty France (MLB/AAA) will find a position to play in San Diego in 2020.  Josh Naylor, Adeline Rodriguez and Rodrigo Orozco all had impressive 2019 AAA production.

San Francisco (#3).  Jaylin Davis (MLB/AAA) plays in S.F. in 2020.  Chris Shaw (MLB/AAA), Mauricio Dubon (MLB/AAA), Steven Dugar (MLB/AAA) and Mike Gerber (MLB/AAA) make 2020 spring training interesting.

Los Angeles (#5).  Yep, the “worst” development system in the West is #5.  Gavin Lux (MLB/AAA) likely sticks in L.A. from game 1 to game 162 in 2020.  Zach McKinstry (AAA), Conner Joe (MLB/AAA) and Kyle Garlick (MLB/AAA) wait for a chance in L.A.  Will Smith may soon be elsewhere given the substantial talent of Conner Wong (AA) and his 52% toss rate and ability to hit the baseball.



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