Aztecs 6, Weber State 0

Posted: September 2, 2019 in Uncategorized

A punting clinic unfolded during the game.  A sure sign of a lack of offense.  As exciting as working outside in triple digit heat.  Oh, yeah.

Brandon Heicklen’s foot was surely sore at game’s end.  9 punts.  Thankfully he averaged an impressive 49 yards per leg swing.  3 of the 9 landed inside the 20 and 4 were waved for fair catches.  Weber State had lousy staring points the entire game.

The Aztec defense held Weber State to 5 first downs.  As in 5 first downs the entire game.  That is a tough trick.  Among other highlights:  Weber State averaged only 1.8 yards per rush, accumulated 35 yards rushing at game’s end, averaged less than 6 yards per completed pass and overall generated a pathetic 154 yards of total offense.  The Aztec defense was above and beyond.  And, Tariq Thomspon’s interception with less than 3 minutes remaining sealed the deal and prevented a likely 7-6 loss.

Evidently, shot gun/spread offenses are really difficult.  I mean calculus difficult.  The Aztec offense sputtered and stalled all night.  The offensive line was physically present, but mentally at the beach watching the sunset.  SDSU offensive highlights were limited to:  8 different Aztecs caught at least one pass from Ryan Agnew.  Jordan Byrd ran for 51 yards on 5 carries and Chance Bell had 18 yards on 3 carries.  Both these guys deserve more time with the ball in their arms.  Yes, Ryan Agnew can scramble.  Not my favorite moment(s), but at least he falls forward more often than not.  However, 238 total yards is an absolute mess of an offense.  Get well, fast.

Finally, Matt Araiza’s introduction was the game difference.  Two chances (I’m not counting the misfire snap that sailed away from Brandon Heicklen), both good, both desperately needed.  More to follow, I’m sure, but hopefully accompanied by lots of extra points.

1-0.  Go, Aztecs.



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