The Aztecs and a Brief Appearance in March Madness

Posted: March 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

An 8 seed?  I love my guys, but we are not worthy of an 8 seed.  Given the start to the Wyoming game (O’Brien misses a layup, Spencer misses a one footer and Shepard air balls a three.  Yuk.) and the resulting loss, we should have been no better than a 10 seed.

Regardless, we will beat St. John’s.  Then, Duke awaits.  Then, the end of our journey through Madness.

As a side note to Fisher and staff, please do not dress the guys in uniforms recently sported by Kansas.  You know, the fashion piece with an apron wrap effect.  Kansas looked like a waitress with bad habits trying too hard for a better tip.



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