The Red Sox, Sandoval and Ramirez

Posted: November 25, 2014 in Uncategorized
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The Sox spend a lot of money on two guys.  Never a good sign.  One enjoys too much food.  The other seems tender, nay, delicate.

The idea of trading Xander Bogaerts is idiotic and should be banished from Cherington’s skull.  The idea of trading Middlebrooks is the classic foregone conclusion.  Will’s inability to hit September pitching was his exit from Fenway, not the signing of Sandoval.  If Will could not hit the liberal sprinkling of AAA pitching auditioning during the final month of the year, Will simply cannot hit at the major league level.  For that reason, I begrudgingly accept the arrival of Panda at third.

Panda at third brings a somewhat marginal fielding percentage of .967.  Meh.  Do know that Mr. Sandoval has logged 63 games at first with a much more impressive .991 catch it and throw it percentage.  Which leads me to wonder if Napoli will not join the legion of trade rumor.  Pablo’s bat should achieve full bloom in Fenway.  He has a seven-year average of 36 doubles, 20/86 and .294/.346.  Granted, his former home field was spacious and deep, but as with most power righties, the possibilities of Fenway are forever intriguing.  Since 2009, Pablo has played in excess of 150 games three seasons (’09, ’10 and ’14), thus I want to believe that the Sox will receive their money’s worth regarding Pablo appearing at work.  Finally, Mr. Sandoval’s post-season production of .344/.389 and 6 dingers with 20 rbi should never be far from consideration.

Now for Hanley Ramirez.

Even though I opened with a pinch about his “health”, Hanley has an above average record of playing nine innings. From ’06 to ’09 he was north of 150 games.  In ’12 he played in 157.  Last year featured a return close to normal (128 games compared to 86 the year before and 92 in 2011, thus the reputation as to tenderness).  His error total for a shortstop is noteworthy.  The last four seasons have featured 14, 15, 13 and 16 kicks which is nowhere near disappointing for a starting middle infielder.  Then we consider his bat:  162 games (hold that thought) will yield 40 doubles, 25/87 and .300/.373.  Also include 35 steals.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.

Regarding all the rumor of positions to play, exiting Red Sox, arriving Red Sox and the lot, these two gentlemen create options galore for Ben (and Larry, who forever lurks in the shadow of decision).  Hanley played 90 games at third base in 2012.  As mentioned above, Pablo is familiar with first base (though I would rather Ryan Lavarnway become full-time familiar with first base in Fenway).  Is 2015 Ortiz’s final year?  If so, Pablo fills (pun intended) the dh spot rather nicely.  Xander should be allowed to continue his journey as the Red Sox starting shortstop.  His potential is considerable.  I’d rather witness Pablo wobble around third for the 2015 season and Hanley in left than endure the bad decision of Xander traded to whomever.  Other than Mookie Betts, the outfield is full of possibility.  Those who scoff at the idea of trading Victorino may want to reconsider the scoff.  Nava proves year after year, he can play, plus at a bargain.  Bradley, Junior finishing in a temperamental huff in Pawtucket gives Ben pause as to Jackie’s time in uniform.  Perhaps a change of scenery would serve Jackie well.  Mookie is the better ball player.  Cespedes seemed eager to speak of other options at the end of 2014.  If his transaction leads to quality starting pitching, transact as soon as possible.  Where does Allen Craig fit?  First?  Left?  Right?  For another team?  If most of these meanderings become truth, Henry Ramos (AA), Derrik Gibson (AA) and Peter Hissey (AA) are a couple of years away to fill any void 2016 forward.  Fear not for the outfield.


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