Another Loss, 24-13, But Blue Sky Appeared

Posted: October 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

You know I will complain about Nick Bawden’s performance, but later.  The blue sky was the Aztec defense.  A masterful job even in light of the 24-13 loss.  SDSU holds Brian Burrell to a mere 143 yards passing.  The Bulldog running backs were marginally better with a collective 172 yards rushing.  Fresno State barely  breaks the 300 total offensive yard mark with 315.  Well done, San Diego State defense.  If only the offense boarded the bus.

The first half featured four punts, one fumble and the continued accurate foot of Donald Hageman for which I continue to be most grateful.  Less Mr. Hageman, that is a pathetic offensive result.  Mr. Bawden was, shall we say, less than stellar or effective.  84 total yards passing.  As much as I have reduced Quinn Kaehler’s performance to date, I officially miss him.   Mr. Kaehler must return to the huddle immediately.  Even with a bum shoulder, I’m certain Quinn would have thrown for considerably more than 84 yards against Fresno State in a wind storm.  Mr. Bawden’s not one, but two interceptions with 6:15 and 4:14 remaining sealed the deal for both teams.  During the final two minutes of play, I applauded the rare display of animation from Bob Toledo as he frantically waved his arms to encourage Mr. Bawden to run the offense since time remained on the clock.  Perhaps Mr. Bawden was unconvinced of the possibility of winning or he was sweaty and wanted to shower.

Dakota Gordon continues to impress.  He is a bruiser who displays a passion for the game.  Speaking of passion, Seamus McMorrow is a linebacker in disguise.  Great to see a specialist not so specialized.  Perhaps Seamus will begin a trend among kickers with size becoming involved in the action of tackle football.

The next two must be won:  At UNM this Friday followed by a return to the Q against Hawaii.  Regardless of who throws, 2-0 must be the result.


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